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vavei d.o.o.

vavei Company Ltd. was established in 2009 she is created by merging strategic partners who have extensive experience in the field of automation and software development.
The company offers complete software solutions and support projects related to KNX automation and visualization.
Specialized knowledge in management, international KNX standard, constant training of highly qualified personnel, monitoring the world market of new technologies and their use gives us the ability to support our partners in the implementation of their projects and aims.
Technological advantage, innovation, reliability and modern design of the vavei system are used from partners around the world.
As an international company, we offer a reliable product with the best support. Fully equipped development center, motivated team, combined with the latest technologies for the development of many innovations, guaranteeing our customers a spectacular new products in the field of automation and visualization.


"Visionaries are changing the world, and we are one of them".
In a time of rising energy prices, and deficit of natural resources, everyone knows that changes are necessary! In that sense, "Energy efficiency" is not possible without automation. This is an area, where we feel, that we have the most experience, knowledge and technical capabilities, to bring change and make a contribution.
In the objects that are intelligent enough to take care of themselves, the owners can enjoy the new comfort, where they have the ability simple oversight and management of all systems and resources. Besides saving they can contribute to the protection of nature and the environment for future generations.

The focus: Global benefit for customers

We believe in vavei products, they make life easier for our customers. Before product devevelopment, we consider their wishes and needs. Everyone who comes in contact with our products, should benefit from its advantages. For that supports our philosophy of global benefits for customers. That is why we are in constant contact with customers around the world, we accept their suggestions and develop from these ideas for new products.


Compared to the competition we offer innovative products and the development of the unique properties of products, „unique selling propositions“. The same goes for our services. We offer complex visualization solutions which differs us in quality and innovation from our competition. With additional products, modules and services, we make our value chain stronger and offer our customers and partners always more.

Value / Orientation

As employers of vavei company, we want that the customers and partners, recognize us, as a reliable and trusted partner.. Agility in decision-making and skills are integral parts of the standard „time to market“, they complement our approach to customers, associates and strategic partners.


Our relationship with associates, partners and competition must be fair. We are aware of responsibilities to partners who are engaged in various projects and operate in accordance with the applicable legal norms.
We are neutral towards all political tendencies, and reject any kind of radikal grouping. Inside our company we strive to cultivate ecological awareness to avoid unnecessary environmental pollution.


In line with our values, our company management, is characterized with a partnership cooperation, mutual respect, efficiency and desire to achieve results.
The management obligation is to inform employees and the employee's duty to seek necessary information from management. Information is a two-way process. Agreeing business objectives, the interests of the companie and employees are coordinated.

Company structure

The structure of our company is based on business areas, which processes are orientated to market and customer needs and adapt to the desired changes. Thanks to this kind of company structure, which is adapted to the market and customers, as well as horizontal hierarchy, we achieve the flexibility and speed.

Results as an incentive

We act only on the fields, where it is possible to achieve mutual income, which corresponds to the quantitative aims of the company. Profit and risk are in mutual dependence, for that reason we do business only with those partners, which according to our estimates, hawe great prospects for achieving good business cooperation and mutual financial gain.