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Thursday, May 23, 2024



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vaveiClient is a modern and intuitive user interface with the project visualization, through which the user has access to information and system status.The user can manage the entire system on a very simple way and without IT knowledge Great attention is dedicated to the design and simplicity of use on the touch-screen monitors, it is also possible to use a PC, mobile phone or remote control.How works the system:  Clients connect to the server via a computer network, using a communication service for sending messages that contains the commands or requests for  system read-out. The server forwards the received messages to KNX bus and reverse. This server registers a complete communication on KNX bus system and forwards the messages to all connected clients. Each client process, reacts and displays the received data depending on the project for which hi is responsible and on this way, he relieves the entire system. On server, in the database can be archived all communication and the system-condition, which can be used for the analysis of energy efficiency, various reports, graphic presentations and for the system monitoring.In a similar way the server controls the alarms, machines, home and multimedia devices..

Touch Panels