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KNX Home Management



Enjoy the comfort that you deserve. vavei is a system for visualization, control and management of all devices in your home. It is connected to KNX  and provides a simple usage by a  touch-monitor, remote control, internet or mobile phone.

vavei system is always adapting to your home, wishes and needs.

Just activate your “feel good” program: pleasant light on the terrace will be switched on, the pool will be filled with water and the sauna will be heated. All this is accompanied by the sounds of your favorite music.

By the gentle finger touch  the scenario “good night” will be started:
Outdoor lighting will be reduced, all the lights in the house will be turned off, the temperature of bedrooms will be reduced to 19 ° C, the alarm system will be activated...

Video Door Intercom

“Hearing is good. Seeing is safer.”

When vavei displays the video image in front of your door, the question "who is it?" will be unnecessary.

Video surveillance system and video communication offer to the user visual information from the environment. vavei system enables the control, management and visualization of the video intercom connection.

The video is displayed on the vavei touch screen, when someone rings your doorbell or get close to the front door.

The simple and intuitive design of user’s interface allows a quick and comfortable handling..



vavei visualizes the current state of sensors and security zones of the alarm system.
Security zones, sensors and security locks can be displayed together with the KNX installation.
Alarm and security zones can be activated / deactivated internally, through vavei touch screen.
Some security areas may be excluded from the alert system, a door can be locked or unlocked.

vavei enables the visualization through  Axis or Mobotix IP cameras.
From the review of video streams it is possible to choose a camera, to zoom in, to record, to listen or to communicate through IP Security cameras, which support the two-way communication.

The program "simulation of presence" is used to deceive and dissuade the potential intruders, by simulating the presence of family members by the KNX system (lights are turning on / off, blinds are going down, etc.).




The vavei Internet module contains an Internet browser and also the search function. You are able to use your on-screen keyboard on your touch panel to surf the Internet.

E-Mail module allows you to create, send, receive and store E-mail messages.

You are able to define your favorite locations and take a look at the actual weather conditions by a simple touch.
Inform yourself about top news in the whole world. vavei shows you the latest worldwide news on a single user interface.

vavei Stock Exchange module receive an accurate picture of the current  stocks market information.


By a few touches, you can create your own music collection and new playlists.

vavei MP3 module can control the sound in any room of your home. The module uses music from multiple sources: radio, streaming music service, external hard drive or computer.

Select the relax music in the living room, blues in the kitchen, rap music  in the children's room, all at the same time. vavei enables simple, clear, quick and easy access to your archived movies.

The video can be started easily, by a gentle touch on the vavei touch panel..



vavei protects your private data (such  as photos, videos and your private messages) from unauthorized persons.

My Photos module allows you to organize, add and delete your digital photo collections.

You can run a slide show and enjoy in memorable moments.

Save your family memories for future generations, organize  videos from your  journeys and vacations, share your family adventures with other family members and friends.