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Thursday, June 20, 2024



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The innovative VaveiServer manage, connecting and Visualize all smart home technologies in a comfortable and simple way. The variety of interfaces and modules provides the compatibility and synchronization of the KNX installation with electrical audio zones, home theater, alarm devices for communications, internet and other integrated smart home systems. The Innovative and comprehensive functionality concept of vavei modules enables the easy and simple central management of the entire building-system. vaveiServer is the basis of the vavei home system.


  • Using the newest programming techniques (Microsoft. NET 4.0, WPF, WCF)

  • KNX connection via USB, RS232, EIBLib, NETIP Tunneling, NETIP Routing interface.

  • Supports up to 255 IP gateways connections in one system.

  • Unlimited number of group addresses (Data Points, Tags).

  • Huge data transfer, up to 10.000 telegrams per second..

  • Monitoring and caching of KNX communication.

  • Recording, analysis and reports of archived data.

  • Autoupdate the entire systems.

  • Centralized configuration and system maintenance.

  • Connection over 1.000 clients





By the selection of  vavei  modules, the user is able to customize and configure the entire system to the needs of the project.
• Private house -  all systems are connected to one central system which is managed from one place.
• Halls and rooms - can be flexibly configured for different purposes and controlled by the touch screen.
• Luxury Hotels - fully equipped apartments with a unique experience which is offered by vavei "WOW-ei!"
• Private clinics - providing comfort to their patients, and a special sense of security.
• Boats and planes - it is considered that they have a modern management system and comfort that vavei can offer.
• Big facilities - swimming pools, public institutions, schools - are the places where vavei shows the maximum of  flexibility and increases energy efficiency of the building on the higher level.