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vaveiProfessional is the system for hotels and large institutions such as hospitals, schools and other public institutions. It is configured to enable communication of large systems that may include thousands of components, which are connected to one central system. vavei provides central monitoring and control of the entire system with the possibility of scaling and upgrades. It gives an opportunity to the clients to manage specific sectors of the system.
It consists of a professional server that can connect up to 100 clients.
With a combination and server networking there are no limits in size of the project.

vaveiProfessional Server



Whether the 19 "casing or as a tower, vaveiServer always offers the ultimate controller for the vavei Smart Home System.
Highest performance and maximum safety of vaveiServer achieved by the expansion and crosslinking of multiple vaveiServer. This particularly high-performance industrial computer is designed for international standard interfaces like USB, RS232, EIBLib, NetIP tunneling NetIP routing interface.


This System is designed for large projects. It is designed for the connection of vaveiProfessionalServer in one integrated system. vaveiMasterServer can control all vaveiProfessionalServers from one place. One project can contain up to 700 different visualizations, and an unlimited number of group addresses.

Schematic view of the vaveiProfessional system